Unexpected Floor Advertising

Floor advertising: the new way to advertise

GreenGraffiti is a brand patented by independent ad agency Jungle, specialized in unconventional, guerilla and street marketing.

Research and experimenting are part of our DNA: where others see just gray sidewalks and cement walls, we see spaces that can be transformed by putting our creativity to use.

We design and create urban activations that are surprising and sustainable, disruptive campaigns and viral content – but most of all, we believe in the power of ideas that can break through the boundary between experience and amazement.

To capture attention, stimulate word-of-mouth and be truly memorable – these are the objectives of every floor advertising campaign, because the power of the unexpected lies hidden within what we thought we already knew by memory – like the road home.  

greengraffiti floor advertising
guerrilla marketing greengraffiti
greengraffiti advertising campaigns

The sustainable marketing of GreenGraffiti

Street Advertising goes glocal

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