Special Installations

GreenGraffiti special installations

Less is more, but bigger is better.
GreenGraffiti are ideal for decorating large floor surfaces for events and public or private occasions: we offer special installations designed to embellish and transform a space without altering the intrinsic characteristics.

The wow-effect is guaranteed by oversize dimensions, bright colors and site-specific graphics – specially designed to get the most out of the surrounding setting.  

It’s also possible to design advertising murals with great street visibility, for an effect that is half-way between classic outdoor communication and street art.


Base (MI) - 2019

GreenGraffiti sinks its roots into the cement for the inaugural event of “Urban Gardening”, a project promoted by Timberland that transformed the post-industrial courtyard of BASE into an urban vegetable garden – to improve collective well-being and reduce food waste.

Carosello Records - Thegiornalisti

Hotel Viù (MI) - 2018

What color is love? A rainbow, for sure, just like the one that graced the maxi graffiti at the entrance to the exclusive launch party for the new rainbow-themed album by The Giornalisti, “Love”.

Sony Music - Shiva

Corsico (MI) - 2020

Corsico goes big with a maxi graffiti for the launch of “Routine”, rap artist Shiva’s first EP after a two-year hiatus. The tracklist titles were featured in block letters in the middle of a suburban field, one of the first epicenters where Shiva developed as an artist.


Bastioni di Porta Venezia (MI) - 2019

Combine a renowned artists collective, an event dedicated to electric mobility and GreenGraffiti: the result couldn’t have been more memorable. Much like the gigantic installation created for BluE – following the drawing of the NO CURVES, which invaded Corso Buenos Aires during Milan Design Week 2019.


ITC ILO (TO) - 2014

Nothing but the best to celebrate the values promoted by the World Environment Day. The parking lot at the Torino U.N. headquarters hosted a massive piece made with our 100% natural yogurt-based mixture.


Fiera di Vicenza (VI) - 2017

Gold glistens, so does our graffiti! We decorated the entrance to the Vicenza Trade Fair with a glittery geometric pattern.


piazza XXIV MAGGIO (MI) - 2016

To help draw even more attention to its interactive installation, Adidas asked us to customize the pavement in Piazza XXVI Maggio, near by the famous Darsena docks, one of the busiest points of passage in Milan.



Nike brought the values of sportsmanship to the suburbs; we brought our graffiti – not to paint the walls, but to renovate and custom brand the soccer pitches where our special guests competed in a vigorous 5-a-side tournament.



During FuoriSalone week, the area in front of the Museum of Science and Technology was transformed into a racecourse for Bugaboo strollers – designed for parents who want to raise their children at maximum speed.



Runners and Music Lovers united for Social Music City, to run with Reebok on a small race track designed to let friends challenge each other to a race or to train together.


MILAN CITY CENTER (MI) - 2017 - 2018 - 2019

IGPDecaux’s special bus shelters wouldn’t be quite as special – without the embellishment of our floor decorations, which interacted with and contributed to the overall visual identity.

Jeep Renegade

Borghesiana park (rm) - 2014

Jeep Renegade and GreenGraffiti share a passion for the street. Our intervention valorized the display areas and decorated the pathways, making the test drive experience more memorable.



2.500m2 of graffiti that was even visible by airplane! This was the design created for the Finmeccanica stand at Le Bourget Airport in Paris during the SIAE Paris Air Show.

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