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GreenGraffiti®: offline media that transforms cities

GreenGraffiti is an unexpected advertising format that transforms sidewalks and city squares into unconventional advertising space – capturing attention and stimulating curiosity, astonishment and a media echo chamber. The messages are applied to the pavement using a patented technique involving stencils and a 100% 'green' mixture, so they are a perfect example of sustainable temporary advertising.

The graffiti advertising is placed in strategic locations, so it can reach the intended target in an engaging way, ensuring high visibility for the message and brand. Creativity, a wow-effect and captivating content make GreenGraffiti the first kind of offline media to unite the power of guerrilla advertising with the capillary distribution of outdoor media.

green graffiti milangreen graffiti milano

Why GreenGraffiti®?

Because we are immersed in a constant flow of communication that has made us blind to most messages. GreenGraffiti is instantly eye-catching, because it is located in places where advertisements are not usually found.

Are they green?

GreenGraffiti is a form of sustainable advertising, produced using a patented technique with low environmental impact. The formula is completely natural, and only water is required for its removal. The aluminum stencils are entirely recycled after use.

Does it work?

GreenGraffiti is a strategic form of outdoor media that successfully reaches specific targets, using proximity campaigns in a single neighborhood, or vertical activations linked to specific areas of interest (metro stations, cinemas and theaters, universities, business centers).

How long do they last?

GreenGraffiti floor advertising stays on display for 15-days, afterwards it is removed and the surface returns to its original condition. In some cases, it is possible to request time slots with a longer or shorter duration.

Are they legal?

In some countries (I.E.: France, Italy, Russia) stencil application is officially authorized and runs no risk of sanctions or fines, while in others we work in guerrilla mode, without providing any permission.

GreenGraffiti=a tree?

Onto every message installed, a layer of Pureti is applied. This is a nanoparticle solution which, thanks to solar energy, trigger a photocatalytic process that makes each graffiti work into an air purifier, contributing to oxygen production and reducing levels of pollutants such as PM10 and PM2.5

Only on the street?

GreenGraffiti campaigns start out as offline marketing activations, but they can easily be transformed into viral online content by launching call-to-action techniques aimed at generating buzz and media coverage.

How do we do it?

GreenGraffiti installation is a spectacular and engaging moment that captures people’s attention much like when street art is created. The colorful graphics – super creative and pop-inspired – are a unique way to decorate urban grey space.

We won’t leave you out.

We’ve brought GreenGraffiti to Europe and North America's largest cities. If yours isn’t listed on the map, just contact us and we’ll try to reach you too!

We know what road to take.

Our experience has allowed us to map the primary points of interest and determine the best circuits to reach any target group, with the perfect distribution of our floor graffiti.


schools in Brussels


tobacco shops in Paris


green areas in Amsterdam


dog areas in London


public transportation stops in Manhattan


commercial areas in Berlin

We work big

GreenGraffiti is suitable for more than just advertising campaigns. The technique is also ideal for producing maxi floor decorations for special installments in public or private locations, for events or any activations requiring a strong scenographic impact.

We do it everywhere

Our primary market is Italy, but thanks to our vast network of partners around the world we can also develop viral floor advertising campaigns in some of the largest cities: New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin, London, Amsterdam…

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