Sustainable marketing by GreenGraffiti

When talking about sustainablity, the means is as important as the content

GreenGraffiti stand out from other guerrilla marketing techniques and classic OOH media because of their uniquely green approach.

By using our sustainable marketing tool to promote a product, announce an event, or launch an awareness campaign, you also choose to avoid using posters or billboards that would be shredded after just a few weeks, not to mention glue and highly toxic solvents.

But that’s not all…
The yogurt-based food-derived mixture used to create GreenGraffiti makes our environmental impact extremely limited. The installation phase requires all-natural ingredients and an aluminum stencil – which is completely recycled after use. All it takes is a jet of hot water to remove the messages, without any additives or chemical solvents.

From GreenGraffiti® to Greenheroes

Our commitment to the field of sustainable marketing is evidenced by two collaborations: our membership in the Kyoto Club, the Italian non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the environment, and our lisiting in the #GreenHeroes network, recognizing businesses that promote a circular economy and sustainable business models – chosen and awarded by Alessandro Gassman, our first ambassador...

However, sustainability isn’t the only interesting peculiarity of this outdoor media. Not only are GreenGraffiti 100% green, they are also unique, engaging and memorable – and they help transform a simple onfield advertising campaign into a powerful act of guerrilla marketing.

greengraffiti sustainable marketing
green marketing with greengraffiti
greengraffiti advertising graffiti

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