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  • Beck's uses green advertising
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  • Hi Mobile Sand printing
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  • Aroma uses green marketing
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  • Milk paint advertising
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Sustainable communication

How GreenGraffiti can help your business

GreenGraffiti® takes an unconventional approach to communication. We specialise in not only helping our clients develop clever concepts and attractive designs but also in using the most appropriate forms of innovative and sustainable "natural media" such as reverse graffiti, sandprintingmoss graffiti and milk paint that by their very nature, grab the attention of your audience in a way that helps them remember your brand.
Sustainable techniques are affordable, highly targetable and are not limited to media frames. Your communication messages will work harder and longer helping you stretch your advertising budget and generating content you can use on other communication channels.

TEDx talk Warwick 2014

Our dirt is a valuable public asset that is worth millions if not billions of dollars.

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